Day 1208 – Catchup et. al.


I not from Minnesota, but I used to live there. I'm not from Idaho, but I used to live there, too. Now I'm not from Oregon, but I'm living there. You know the story, another geek and his Macintosh. I'm currently located outside Portland.

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  1. jspeer says:

    Why is the thumbnail for this post the ass-end of a Jetta? On my way home from work tonight a gaping asshole in a gray Jetta was dissatisfied with my “right on red after stop” decision. When the light turned green he blew his incredibly loud horn and shot past me only to jam up against the standard parade of cars proceeding along Roosevelt. Basically he shot past me to get nowhere. So i followed him for a while. I wanted to see why he was in such a hurry… what was it about the extra 15 seconds i cost him. Was this somebody important? OR, would he pull into one of the several parking lots along his route and apologize for being a jerk, or, give me the chance to vent some of the rage i’ve been waltzing with for the past year. Alas nothing happened… he drove normally until i got sick of staring at his ass and turned off.

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