Day 1219 – Getting Closer

©CERN - Max Brice
© CERN – Max Brice

The LCH LHC is getting ready for testing. Full-ring tests are slated for September.

Go here. Look at the photos. Be inspired.

What is this device for? One thing: discovery. On its own it won’t cure cancer, it won’t feed all the starving people on the planet, it won’t equalize the horribly skewed distribution of wealth we as a species currently are enduring and it won’t reverse global warming.

What it might do is provide clues to nature of all existance. Think on that a moment. Try to see beyond the next mortgage payment, the personal conflicts at work, the stories your parents told you about god and the world and, most importantly, look beyond this preposterous cult of “the children” we’ve created… and think how moving closer to an understanding of the fundamental nature of, well, nature, might impact the future of humanity.

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