Day 643 – Busy, busy, busy

I’m becoming a FCPX whiz! Nothing like spending hours upon hours tweaking clips, ripple rolling sliding and splitting.

I’ve read all the blogs, posts, pages, dispatches, reviews, rants and raves. I’ve now spent about 20 hours at the keyboard spread over several days just in FCPX and i think i have a pretty solid handle on the application. I’ve learned that those “pro” editors yelling the loudest are largely wrong. I’ve also learned exactly what weak points and pretty bad omissions are concealed within the application. I’m among those anxiously awaiting FCPX 1.5.

And i’ve returned to reading Kurt Vonnegut. I mean, why not? There’s nothing new to be had, everybody is doing revivals of musty old plays, fiction seems to be on life support, mainstream film is offering some gems, but everybody in the movies are so young. So i’ve returned to Cat’s Cradle a novel that changed my life the first time through. Sure it’s dated and sure it’s not PC by today’s standards, but there are times when it seems Mr. Vonnegut is speaking directly to me. I’ll leave it to you, dear reader, to determine whether that’s a good thing or not.