Day 1,423 – Return of The Wet

Mora is just about 100% back to normal, just in time for return of the rainy season.

Also, my espresso machine is back, just in time for the rainy season!

Brand new, 2013 model, straight from the factory!
Brand new, 2013 model, straight from the factory!

It took nearly two weeks this time for Mora to return to her more or less normal self and i feel like a very heavy weight has been taken off my shoulders. Oh she still wants the marauding white thing dead, but now she’s happy to do the deed herself. She doesn’t give one inch as Kaylee comes flouncing directly at her, looking to play with this little kindred creature.

Mora has already scratched Kaylee’s nose… which made Kaylee yelp and go even more submissive before the 7 pound cat. Honestly, the dog couldn’t be more submissive… she  becomes a puddle as she belly crawls backwards. Mora is having none of it. Maybe when Kaylee’s older and less flouncy Mora will consent to sit next to her, but for now Kaylee is a 34-pound dancing monster who is chaos incarnate and must be disciplined by way of the claw.

In other news the new Breville Dual Boiler arrived and works just as well as the older model. The drip tray has indeed been redesigned with more of a lip extending under the machine when the tray is in place. So far that seems to have addressed the problem of the earlier model. The tip of the steam wand has also been modified, the angles of the three nozzles has been increased. I can’t do a side-by-side comparison, but milk steams better and faster. I did notice there seems to be more water in the steam wand when i first open the steam valve and I have to keep a rag handy as the wand clears out the water. But if you want serious espresso at home, I can’t recommend this machine highly enough.

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