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SV Zeek II 0

Day 474 – Gone Boating

Months ago a guy I’d met at the Gabriel dog park asked if I knew how to sail. I told him that, in fact, I did.

Kaylee, taking some alone time and being pretty clear about it 0

Day 458 – New Kaylee Card

Taken on day 5 of a six-day coast trip. It was about this time I think Kaylee was truly sick of my saying “ok, c’mon let’s hit the beach!”

Kaylee, looking quite pleased, atop the correct dune. 0

Day 456 – On the Coast with Kaylee

Six days away on the Oregon coast is a gift. And, what’s even better, I learned something new about Kaylee! Annette was away for six days dealing with a work meeting and parental obligations. Sensing opportunity...

Kaylee on the dunes at Manzanita 0

Day 433 – Kaylee Cards!

I’ve finally managed to assemble the initial five “Kaylee Cards” I’ve been talking about with dog park friends for over a year.

Glucose monitor and accoutrements 0

Day 433 – I Call Bullsh*t

A while back our aging cat, Mora, was diagnosed with, essentially, feline diabetes. The vet tested her urine and found it to be extremely high in unprocessed sugars. The immediate result of this test...