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  • Day 1,300 – Write What You Know

    Day 1,300 – Write What You Know

    Poop Bags Reading the comments at Amazon regarding dog poop bags is exhausting. Between the emotionally fraught ones, the lack of punctuation in many, the less than common spellings of words, and the occasional “these are poop bags, not cancer treatments, why are you arguing so much?” queries it’s almost impossible to come away with…

  • Day 456 – On the Coast with Kaylee

    Day 456 – On the Coast with Kaylee

    Six days away on the Oregon coast is a gift. And, what’s even better, I learned something new about Kaylee! Annette was away for six days dealing with a work meeting and parental obligations. Sensing opportunity I booked three nights at Jessie M. Honeyman State Park and three nights at Bullards Beach State Park for just myself…

  • Day 433 – Kaylee Cards!

    Day 433 – Kaylee Cards!

    I’ve finally managed to assemble the initial five “Kaylee Cards” I’ve been talking about with dog park friends for over a year.

  • Day 1,862 – Farm to Market

    Well, it’s official: our place is now on the market. We signed papers this morning and it will hit the MLS system by close of business. Should show up on websites shortly thereafter. Kaylee took the news in stride and kept watch over the chickens and ducks.