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My cat, Pwykka, watches my bag demonstration. 0

Day 1,300 – Write What You Know

Poop Bags Reading the comments at Amazon regarding dog poop bags is exhausting. Between the emotionally fraught ones, the lack of punctuation in many, the less than common spellings of words, and the occasional...

risk game board 0

Day 653 – Just a Game

Years ago, decades really, I participated in an unforgettable high school class led by an excellent teacher. A brief discussion that arose out of that class has been on my mind of late.

Glucose monitor and accoutrements 0

Day 433 – I Call Bullsh*t

A while back our aging cat, Mora, was diagnosed with, essentially, feline diabetes. The vet tested her urine and found it to be extremely high in unprocessed sugars. The immediate result of this test...

two frozen pizzas from spain 0

Day 417 – Opposite of Locavore

The two frozen pizzas above are an nigh perfect illustration of the preposterously unsustainable trajectory we as a species currently travel. And, just to add insult to injury, they tasted terrible.

Kaylee dog, upside down 0

Day 415 – Work Sucks

Well no, of course work doesn’t suck. Work, i.e. producing useful goods and services or working on big science and big art (or even small science and small art) is all very good. What sucks...

Mt Hood via Google Maps 0

Day 335 – Lucky

Just felt the need to recount some recent luck I’ve been enjoying. This morning, whilst completing the third and final loop of my morning #68 route, I stopped my empty bus (SAFELY in case anybody from TriMet...