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Day 797 – It’s The Climate

Years ago, or so the story goes, the blue regions of Oregon formed a question mark. The reliably democratic portions of the state began on the coast near Astoria, curved east to Portland and...


Day 1453 – City as Contradiction

Back then operating the government was less of a career and more a calling, drawing young-ish (again, landed, smart) men to come add their philosophies to the crucible and see what new alloy could be concocted.


Day 1346 – Back From the Coast

I have no issues with drinking and driving (with one BIG, obvious exception). Hell, in Wisconsin the rule is almost expressed “drinking while driving.” I’ve never driven a car when i felt, for whatever reason, unable to perform up to spec and have actively prevented others from doing the same, but i’m sure i have driven when over the legal limit. However in Oregon i can’t. I cannot drink ethanol knowing i’ll be driving back to wherever. It’s odd. I can’t explain.