• Day 3,106 – Infrastructure

    Day 3,106 – Infrastructure

    Today’s infrastructure projects neither surprise nor delight. Kind of like today’s software.

  • Day 3,099 – Nothing’s Better

    Day 3,099 – Nothing’s Better

    Sorry, but I find nothing good about web tech and WordPress. Have at it kiddies, I’m done.

  • Day 1,841 – How to Cook a Steak

    Day 1,841 – How to Cook a Steak

    Once in a while a well-prepared steak can provide a brief respite from the larger world. Here’s how.

  • Day 1,749 – By Way of Explanation

    Day 1,749 – By Way of Explanation

    Everybody always asks me, “Jeremy, given your half-baked socialist agenda and general dislike of all things British especially where their history with Ireland is concerned, why are you such a sucker for Downton Abbey and before that the various productions of Upstairs, Downstairs?” Ok, nobody has ever asked me that. But it’s true, I am…