Day 712 – Bruneau

Hours of Daylight – 12:00

The calendar says the equinox is still three days off, but the hours of daylight as reported seem to say it’s now. Whatever. The bottom line is the days are wonderfully long (even though the early “spring forward” means going to work in pitch dark).

Snail20070317Only a short time after Annette and i arrived in Boise i took my motorcycle on what i’ve come to call “the southern loop.” That’s where i go from Boise toward Nampa, then south toward Marsing, along the Snake River, through several little towns. The “end” of the loop, that is where you start the return to Boise, is at the town of Bruneau. From there you head Northwest back toward Mountain Home and i84 and Boise. When i first made the trip i saw the sign i’ve included here. More on that later.

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