Swan Falls Dam

Now before you say “oh, great, another photo of Swan Falls” let me toot my horn just a bit: this is actually a pretty good image. Both long-time Boise residents and even a “seen it all before” art professor agreed this photo is better than the usual tourist snap shot from the rim. High praise indeed!

The preview photo here is lame… it doesn’t show the incredible detail in the rocks, the cliff face, even the window casements of the power house. I’d be happy to email you a larger sample if you’re curious. The 1px border is not part of the image… it’s only there to show how much sky the photo includes. It’s not actually paper white, but it’s close.

Swan Falls from up on the rim

Printed on Moab Colorado Photo Gloss and finished with a light coat of varnish to improve durability and longevity. Paper size is 11×17 inches, image size will be about 1.5 inches smaller all around, but I don’t crop images to fit a page size, i crop to include only what i feel is important in the image, thus the live area might not fit proportionally to 11×17.

Printed only on request and limited to a first run of 25. Signed, numbered and dated on the back.