day 1585 – while waiting

Hours of Daylight: 15:31

The big news for me is that i PASSED the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s Basic Rider Course! I lost only 1 point due to running slightly long in the quick stop. I probably should have lost another point due to putting my right foot down first, but either the examiner was feeling generous or he missed it. I did get to first gear, i did keep my eyes on the horizon, and, most importantly i didn’t anticipate the stop.

I passed the class on Thursday and on Friday morning dropped by the DMV and applied for a duplicate license with a Motorcycle Endorsement.

This of course means i spent the majority of the Fourth of July weekend riding the beast all over the place. I’ve begun venturing out onto the interstates, but i’m keeping it to controled sections that i know well. I’ve also put the windshield back on even though it does hurt the look of the bike. My goal is to rack up some serious miles and to do that i need to increase the “comfort” level. Part of the comfort level is not fighting a 65-70 mph wind blast while screaming down the highway. It’s nice to be able to duck behind the windshield and get some shelter from the buffeting.

In other news Annette hopes to get word on a possible job this Friday… July 9th. More on that next week.

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