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Day 1,749 – By Way of Explanation

Everybody always asks me, “Jeremy, given your half-baked socialist agenda and general dislike of all things British especially where their history with Ireland is concerned, why are you such a sucker for Downton Abbey...

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Day 1,680 – A Gentle Defense of Facebook

I agree with all the opinions stating Facebook and its dear leader must do more to combat the misleading and out-and-out false paid advertising infesting the platform. But I’d also like to point out users could do more to improve the situation as well.

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Day 1,296 – Dog Park Rules

I’ve been spending a lot of time at dog parks. Here are 10 rules I believe dog parks in a better world would enforce. 1. A dog park a place for dogs to socialize...


Day 1,225 – Been Busy

It has been a long time since I last posted something here. And while I have been busy I haven’t been┬áthat busy, so I have no excuse. I have been working steadily at the...

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Day 458 – New Kaylee Card

Taken on day 5 of a six-day coast trip. It was about this time I think Kaylee was truly sick of my saying “ok, c’mon let’s hit the beach!”