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Kaylee, looking quite pleased, atop the correct dune. 0

Day 456 – On the Coast with Kaylee

Six days away on the Oregon coast is a gift. And, what’s even better, I learned something new about Kaylee! Annette was away for six days dealing with a work meeting and parental obligations. Sensing opportunity...

Mt Hood via Google Maps 0

Day 335 – Lucky

Just felt the need to recount some recent luck I’ve been enjoying. This morning, whilst completing the third and final loop of my morning #68 route, I stopped my empty bus (SAFELY in case anybody from TriMet...


Day 224 – A Couple Myths

Yeah, so at the moment I’m driving a bus and the comparisons to Jackie Gleason and The Honeymooners are straggling in. Might be a good time to address some questions that have come my...