Day 324 – Alaska

Hours of Daylight – 10:48

After a week away i can say the days are now officially longer in Boise. I say “officially” because it’s now light enough in the evening to grill outdoors and actually see how done the meat is.

But the bigger news is that we just got back from a very good trip up to Alaska. In the interest of full disclosure we didn’t get a very honest picture of Fairbanks due to very unseasonably warm temps. When we departed Boise on Saturday the 11th of February it was 18 degrees F. When we arrived at Fairbanks a bunch of hours later that day it was 40 degrees F. The rental car chick told me only a week earlier it had been -40 degrees F. This story was repeated by everboody we spoke to. I think the coldest temps we had were in the single digits above zero. Scott’s barn is colder than that most winter days.

But despite the mild temps i still liked Alaska very much. Alaska is the original “come as you are” place. Alaska is a “New York City interview.” By that i mean it’s one thing to show up and talk a good game, but in the end only the truly motivated people make it. Much of what we saw in interior Alaska reminded me of Michigan’s U.P.; an environment littered with the remnants of failed endevours. But for those who keep their ambitions in tune with the environment (or, like anywhere, are stinkin’ rich because of oil or some other big business connection) Alaska provides a lifestyle available nowhere else.

I’m going to let my photographs do most of the talking. I’ll open up the “comments” function on this post so if anybody would like to ask a question or share an opinion, please feel free.

Chena Hot Springs


Sled Dogs:





Flight up to Anaktuvik Pass:




Alaska is also a place where you don’t simply throw stuff out and buy new. In Alaska there’s still such a thing a repair shops. After weeks of trying to find somebody in Boise to replace a zipper on my ancient Columbia parka the first place i tried in Fairbanks not only said “sure, but we’ll replace it with a more heavy-duty model,” but also did it on the same day for $39.

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