Day 298 – Home for Christmas

Actually, christmas was yesterday, but we were still home. Annette did her “world tour” before returning to Ashland for our holiday. I would have liked to accompany her on the Florida leg of her trip, but it was too costly to put together on fairly short notice.

Christmas day itself proved unremarkable weather-wise, so i didn’t take any pictures until today, Sunday, when a pretty good snow squall kicked up. Ok, so it wasn’t a squall… it was a snow shower; huge flakes, gentle and silent that came and went in moments.

SOU students remain on break until later in January, but my work lies waiting for me: move the damn website redesign project forward. Monday is looming like some cloud on the south side of the siskiyou pass. More snow photos after the jump.

[slidepress gallery=’ashland-snow’]

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