Day 644 – Some Random Images

  • Steadicam Merlin in flying mode
    Good balance, but very light camera results in "floaty-ness."
  • Fawns Under Airstream - Detail
    Closer view of the twins. The one by the hitch is "angry fawn."
  • Fawns Under Airstream
    The twins take a break from the summer sun under my trailer.
  • Waldo Peirce - Tree Haven
    One of the Waldo Peirce originals in the Schneider Permanent collection.


I not from Minnesota, but I used to live there. I'm not from Idaho, but I used to live there, too. Now I'm not from Oregon, but I'm living there. You know the story, another geek and his Macintosh. I'm currently located outside Portland.

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