Day 233 – Checkride


I not from Minnesota, but I used to live there. I'm not from Idaho, but I used to live there, too. Now I'm not from Oregon, but I'm living there. You know the story, another geek and his Macintosh. I'm currently located outside Portland.

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  1. Scott says:

    What does it mean “you didn’t scan”?

  2. jspeer says:

    Excellent question. TriMet, as most over-the-road transportation agencies, require operators to adhere to a pretty stringent methodology of awareness. Data shows if you hold a fixed stare for a little as two second peripheral vision suffers greatly. It’s no secret that most crashes occur at intersections both major and minor, so it’s pretty important that operators do an exaggerated (i.e. turn your head, not just your eyes) scan at all intersections. That’s what the examiner was looking for, that I actually turned my head left-right-left at every intersection. Now… it’s also important to take conditions into account. It was stupid-foggy for much of the trip. So rather than scanning for cars blowing through intersections i was more attuned to looking for the glow of headlights which you can see earlier than black Subarus blasting along without a care for other vehicles. So, i admit, i didn’t scan like the manual suggests. Plus I was looking for customers who seem to enjoy being as stealthy as possible at service stops.

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