Day 1333 – From Now On

For anybody reading this who may actually be contemplating hiring me to build some kind of website I just want to state up front for the record that prefer not to build a static “dreamweaver” site.

I will be completely open to discussing any site management system out there, but i simply will not take on the job of creating yet another static site. As you can probably guess i find WordPress to be a highly capable and wonderfully flexible platform to build upon and i prefer to use it as a starting point. No i don’t get kickbacks from WordPress or Automattic for saying any of this.

Drupal is good too, but i’ve found it to be rife with “secret handshake” pinch points. Plus there is a greater need to learn “the drupal way” of doing things.There are many other choices for dynamic sites: Joomla is a perennial favorite and there is always the dark-horse candidate – Plone. But given how my brain works i simply find WordPress to make more sense.

So. There you have it. Carry on.

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