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  • Day 1429 – Final Opinion

    Just bite the bullet and buy it. Go for the faster HD, don’t pay the premium for 8gb, and whatever you do spend the $$ on the “Dual Port” adaptor if you plan to drive a 30″ Cinema Display.

  • Day 1425 – New Toy

    I fear Apple’s best days might be behind them. Their quality has declined, their innovations have slowed, they’ve lost focus. I hope i’m wrong.

  • Day 1265 – Performs as Advertised

    Extremely functional software that leaves a bad taste or seems painful to use might get the job done, but elegant software that’s a pleasure to use *and* gets the job done will always win the day for me.

  • Day 1261 – Creeping Dread

    It was years ago when WIRED ran the “Pray” cover. I was confident at the time Apple would turn around. However, from where i sit, now is the time to really pray, and i’m nowhere near as confident in the future.