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  • Day 1,296 – Dog Park Rules

    Day 1,296 – Dog Park Rules

    I’ve been spending a lot of time at dog parks. Here are 10 rules I believe dog parks in a better world would enforce. 1. A dog park a place for dogs to socialize This is the most important rule, and one 99% of dog owners fail to grasp. The park is for dogs to…

  • Day 456 – On the Coast with Kaylee

    Day 456 – On the Coast with Kaylee

    Six days away on the Oregon coast is a gift. And, what’s even better, I learned something new about Kaylee! Annette was away for six days dealing with a work meeting and parental obligations. Sensing opportunity I booked three nights at Jessie M. Honeyman State Park and three nights at Bullards Beach State Park for just myself…

  • Day 1,714 – Growing Up

    As you might expect, barring predation or the errant footfall, “duck-duck” has made it to adolescence.

  • Day 1,423 – Return of The Wet

    Mora is just about 100% back to normal, just in time for return of the rainy season. Also, my espresso machine is back, just in time for the rainy season!